Methane burn-off nets city tidy sum from Seattle


WALLA WALLA — City Council approved a $126,000 sell-off of carbon credits, which the city receives as part of a methane flare-off program at Sudbury Landfill.

Since June 2011, the city has captured and burned the notorious greenhouse gas that emanates from a previous landfill site.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, methane has more than 20 times the potential of holding in heat than carbon dioxide. Because of methane’s ability to hold in heat, the city earns carbon credits for burning off the gas.

The deal that was worked out with the Seattle’s public utility, Seattle City Lights, calls for a 10-year agreement for the sale of Walla Walla’s carbon credits.

The money earned from the program is required to remain in the Sudbury Landfill enterprise fund and cannot fund other municipal functions, city officials said.


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