Excess bond funds would pay debt


WALLA WALLA — The School Board voted today to use any excess funds from a Walla Walla High School Bond to pay down debt.

The move comes amid public debate about the upcoming vote, which is set for Feb. 12.

The vote on Superintendent Mick Miller’s recommended bond wording change was 4-1 to amend the bond language, with board members Anne Golden, Dan Hess, Ruth Ladderud and Cindy Meyer in favor and board President Max Carrera opposed.

The board met this morning to discuss the issue, which has been the subject of public debate.

Leftover funds from a previous bond, to pay for the new Edison Elementary School, were used for other projects, a decision that resulted in the district having a new transportation center but also ongoing criticism.

City residents will be asked in February to vote on a $48 million bond to renovate Wa-Hi. The district anticipates a $21.6 million state match to pay for the project.


writewinger 2 years, 11 months ago

I have read more than once that CITY RESIDENTS will be asked to vote on this proposed bond in February. Am I to believe that us WA-Hi Tax Paying residents outside the City Limits will not be allowed to Vote NO on raising Our Taxes?? I Hope Not!! Insofar as the So Called Excess Funds are concerned...The Board, Superintendent and Supporters of this proposal can just simply keep adding Bells and Whistles to ensure...They Spend It All. That's The Government Way!!!


barracuda 2 years, 11 months ago

I sure hope dont need to worry about extra money ....... This vote needs to wait untill we pay we pay off our other bonds!


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