Consider giving to help a child


We set luminaries along the sidewalk. An occasional passerby asked about them. We answer: "We do this for Home Team. It is an Exchange Club Program. Home Team matches volunteers with parents who are facing challenges raising their children."

Main Street is not busy on a windy Monday evening in December, but at 6 p.m. Title Plaza was crowded. Fifty candle holders, young and old, were bundled against the cold. A few of us had come for Home Team's vigil, but many more had gathered to remember the lives so recently taken in Newtown.

Together we observed a silence. We sang "Silent Night," celebrating the birth of Jesus and of every child. Each parent and grandparent among us thought of our own.

We do well to weep with those who weep.

May we also, at this time, redouble our celebrations with the living, our own and our neighbors. Throw a snowball. Build a snowman. Volunteer with Friends of Children and mentor a child. Join us at Home Team. Support a parent.

From Salvation Army to STAR Project, what local charity does not benefit a child? Consider giving. It won't save the world. It will touch one life. That will make a world of difference.

Stan Hughes

Walla Walla


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