Rescue and remold country and democracy


For two centuries we have assumed our forefathers came to this country for religious freedom but apparently left the religion concept to each individual's own perception.

Compare our past and present government times and ways to the Ten Commandments.

  1. No God before me -- not! Money.

  2. No graven images -- not! Money engraved with George Washington, Lincoln, Franklin, Eisenhower, Kennedy, etc.

  3. Sabbath -- not! Money. There were times not too far in the past when businesses closed on Sabbath and people would truly rest and have time for one another.

  4. Honor thy father and mother -- not! Money. Take away from their Social Security and health care that the majority contracted and worked for. For instance the billions being used to scan Mars (99 percent of us don't give a rat about Mars' air pressure) and the billions given to foreign countries that aren't particularly improving their people's lives.

  5. Thou shalt not kill -- not! Money supposedly for our own welfare. So many young lives spent and maimed without any more forethought than spending a $1 bill. (79 cents). Think about the war with Iraq and still three tribes aspiring for power while U.S. taxpayers' money rebuilds their infrastructure while ours is in such disrepair and so many jobs they could provide. And the same is happening in Afghanistan.

  6. Adultery -- not! Beginning with Presidents Jefferson, Kennedy, Clinton and who else we don't know about. As some smugly read this, are you one that tore a family and broke a heart?

  7. Thou shalt not covet -- not! The banks, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae coveted the people's home equity, which left so many homeless or reduced the value of their investment in their homes.

The fiscal cliff makes many hold their breath. To stop the spending why not implement a "moratorium" on corporate lobbying, space programs beyond Earth and supporting 200 ambassadors and their aides in foreign countries. Have welfare recipients work for their ADC, Food Stamps, WIC, legal aid and health care and education programs.

Better yet, hold parents responsible if their unmarried and unprepared children bring children into being. Let grandpa and grandma be responsible for them.

When politicians get what they think is a good idea, they pass an amendment or law. They did such a thing to garner votes when they changed legal age from21 to 18.

Younger generation -- think, participate, vote -- rescue your country and save and remold your democracy.

Betty Tate

Walla Walla


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