Vote against excess funds


The Walla Walla School board had to decide what to do with excess funds from the high school bond. That tells me its members have already plugged in excess funds into the bond.

Board member Max Carrera wants flexibility with any excess funds. I hate to be the one to tell Max, but that bond money is not his -- it's public funding

It's time to get rid of Max and any others on the School Board who have the same attitude toward public funds.

Vote "no" on excess funds in the Wa-Hi school bond.

John Whalen

Walla Walla


fatherof5 2 years, 1 month ago

Respectfully, Mr. Whalen, what I think this vote should tell us is that (1) there is a possibility that there will be excess funds in any project, and (2) after listening to voters, the board formally decided to return any excess funds back to the taxpayers - if such funds exist.

When you launch a $68 million project, or any large endeavor, you build in contingencies and try to make sure there is enough money to cover the project, but that always leaves open the possibility of excess funds when you finish. In fact, it is desirable when you can come in under budget. That is different than adding in a line item called "excess funds." So, there is no excess funds to vote on. The only question was what to do with such funds if they became available.

My understanding is that on a previous bond, the previous school board had not initially specified where any excess money would go and the district subsequently received criticism for how that money was spent. Therefore, this board wanted to be upfront about their intention of putting it toward Lincoln HS - IF any funds remained. When some objected to their plan, the board listened to that feedback and has now decided that any excess funds be returned to the taxpayers. They had been trying to get a jump start on some real needs at Lincoln, but they also had to recognize their need to be responsive to the fiscal concerns of the community. After seeing their initial miscalculation, which was put out there in an effort to be transparent, I personally think they handled this well with this decision. I hope that is helpful. Bottom line? If the bond passes and there is extra money, it goes back to us.


Myinput 2 years, 1 month ago

Do they actually have a DOLLAE BID for the project or are they just throwing a number out there as a guestimate as to how much the bond will cost to remodel Wa-Hi?

I am in favor of Wa-Hi getting remodeled and since the Board will be giving back excess bond money my vote will be YES.


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