Council goes on record in opposition to court ruling


WALLA WALLA — On Wednesday, the Walla Walla City Council approved a resolution to oppose a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision from 2010.

The resolution criticizes the Supreme’s Court ruling in “Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission,” where the court removed a ban on corporations and organizations that set limits on political advertising paid for by corporations.

At a presentation to City Council on Wednesday, Norm Ostermann and Mary Lou Yocum testified that the ruling has allowed corporations to donate unlimited funds to advocacy groups to pay for various media endorsements, including millions of dollars recently spent in the Washington state marijuana reform Initiative 502.

“The big money is not only in the national areas, but it is coming in more and more in the state and local elections,” Yocum testified.

The resolution was approved 4-2, with Council members Shane Laib and Chris Plucker voting against it.

According to Yocum, other cities and states have approved similar resolutions, including Californian, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Seattle, Portland and others.


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