Unintended consequences


There are often unintended consequences to our actions, choices and votes. Obamacare is one example of this.

The law is passed, the cost for healthcare for businesses goes up, and so Olive Garden and other businesses reduce the number of full-time employees to manage costs, by reducing hours so employees will work fewer than 30 hours per week.

I am surprised by the number who voted for this who are surprised businesses are doing the logical and necessary thing. Money does not grow on trees.

If the government regulates and increases cost, the business will need to cut its costs to compete and survive.

In a second setting, a union negotiates work rules that prohibit a truck from delivering more than one of the company products at a time.

This reduces the efficiency of delivery and increases the cost to the company.

When the unions refuse to negotiate more reasonable work rules, Hostess is forced to close and 18,000 workers lose their jobs. The unions are responsible for the lost jobs and the cost for unemployment is pushed off on the public.

A final example is the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

The intent was to protect children and staff by establishing a gun-free zone. What actually resulted was that staff and children were defenseless when that zone was breached by evil. There would have been a much different ending if staff had been trained and armed.

Evil has been motivating people since Cain killed Abel; part of human nature. Firearms are merely tools and trying to restrict access to them will only leave the honest and law-abiding defenseless.

Look at Mexico, where gun ownership is severely restricted and gun violations lead to three years in prison to death.

The government and the gangs have the guns, yet many unarmed innocents have been killed.

Deal with the moral and sick issues of our society, train and arm citizens and we can enjoy the low rate of problems with guns that the Swiss enjoy, where most every adult male is trained and armed.

Ted Richerzhagen

College Place


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