Letters To The Editor - What about Bible's definition of marriage?


If you would prevail upon us to accept your definition that marriage, in support of including homosexual unions, is a "committed, long-term legal relationship" (see "Our Opinion" Jan. 20), I would ask you to first demonstrate why a competing definition of marriage as expressed throughout the Bible is not equally, and even more, viable and authoritative.

I think you had best start by showing that Jesus Christ was not a man, that he did not die, and he did not rise again.

It seems to me that alternate contenders for moral legitimacy, in order to make their case, must somehow address the fact that the same source describing the death and resurrection of Christ (and, incidentally, the offer of forgiveness, hope and regeneration) also speaks clearly to right and wrong ... and denounces those who would call right, wrong and wrong, right.

Biblical definitions and assertions of morality are easily dismissed if Christ did not rise. But, if he did? That speaks louder than any number of public referendums on morality.

It also shouts volumes of God's love for those of us who fall on the wrong side of right (all of us?).

Did he rise? I think the stakes are much higher than your column suggests.

Robert Gordon
Walla Walla


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