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Featured books will be available for the public today.

They can also be placed on hold online at or call the library for assistance at 527-4550.

Featured books include:


"American Dervish," by Ayad Akhtar

Hayat Shah is a typical young Midwesterner - his days filled with school and baseball - except for his Pakistani heritage. Then his mother's oldest friend, Mina, arrives on their doorstep after her marriage in Pakistan disintegrates. She is beautiful, smart, and deeply spiritual, rekindling the Shahs' Muslim faith. As Hayat studies the Quran with Mina, he becomes infatuated with her and later feels betrayed when she begins to date a family friend. Hayat is driven to question his beliefs, both spiritual and romantic, and acts with devastating consequences for those he loves most.

"Second Nature: A Love Story," by Jacquelyn Mitchard

At 13, Sicily Coyne's face was disfigured and her father killed in a school fire. Her aunt raised her to lead a normal life and now, 12 years later, she is engaged to a wonderful man who knew her before the accident. Sicily is self-confident and surrounded by love, and so she rejects the offer of young surgeon Eliza Cappadora to restore her appearance. But when a secret surfaces and changes everything, Sicily calls of the wedding and agrees to the surgery. She embraces her new identity while discovering unanticipated risks. A moral and medical crisis forces her to make a decision that will transform her future.


"Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope," by Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly

On Jan. 8, 2011, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was the victim of an assassination attempt in Tucson, Ariz. Several people were wounded. Six others died, but Giffords survived despite being shot in the head. Her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, spent every possible moment with her, also preparing for his final mission as commander of the space shuttle Endeavor. Giffords and Kelly, who have lived very public lives, take readers behind closed doors to see the challenges of brain injury and the responsibilities of the spouse. Together they demonstrate the power of determination, patience, and love.

"Wabi Sabi Love: The Ancient Art of Finding Perfect Love in Imperfect Relationships," by Arielle Ford

Nobody is perfect. But when two imperfect people fall in love, they can be perfectly imperfect together. Wabi Sabi is the ancient Japanese idea of appreciating the beauty in imperfection. Relationship expert Arielle Ford applies it to romantic love, urging readers to explore and cherish the quirks and limitations that make their relationship unique. Shift the focus from what's wrong to what's right and enjoy balance, harmony and joy.


"Echoes," by Laura Dockrill; "The Great Leader," by Jim Harrison; "Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life: Train Your Brain to Get More Done in Less Time," by Paul Hammerness and Margaret Moore; "The Woman in the Mirror: How to Stop Confusing What You Look Like With Who You Are," by Cynthia M. Bulik.


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