LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Hansell should not be elected to state Senate


I read in the paper that Bill Hansell wants to pursue a higher political office. This does not surprise me as his tenure here as a county commissioner needed to cease. He has done more to ruin this county than anyone ever has.

His constant push to plant more and more wind towers without any regard for those people who must live with them and seem to have no rights by his standards.

So I am going to be the first Republican who says enough of Mr. Hansell in the political arena.

Why would the people of Eastern Oregon want to put him further up the ladder to cause problems for more citizens in Eastern Oregon? If he would be awarded this new office he would be in a better and more powerful position to plant more wind towers throughout all of Eastern Oregon.

We need a person in the state senator's seat who will start putting the brakes on wind power. It is not green, it is very expensive, never proven to be effective, and costs taxpayers and ratepayers millions of dollars each year.

It is projected that the actual cost of wind power at your meter will be about 23 cents per kwh while hydropower is about 5.8 cents per kwh.

So what we need is someone out there with a little forethought and who has the morals to do what is right for the citizens of this district plus the ability to read the bills before he votes on them and the guts to vote only for those bills that are good for the citizens of this state to step forward and put their name up for this office.

I know there are many qualified people out there, only one has to step up. So I beg you to look into your heart and do the right thing and step forward.

If you wonder why I do not run, it is because I will be 73 in a month, I have poor health and it is getting worse with each new year.

James Burns



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