LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Honorably discharged veteran is a veteran


I was in a local business a couple days ago where they give veterans discounts. At the register, the cashier informed me this would be the last time my military ID would be accepted.

I asked if the veterans' discount program was ending. She said no, but my ID does not say "service connect" on it. What's up with that?

To my knowledge, an honorably discharged veteran is a veteran, whether they have a disability rating or not. Why the distinction and separation? Does this fall in the category of discrimination?

To all veterans in the area: Many area businesses have been gracious to us by offering discounts for quite some time. Please let them know we appreciate the gesture. If you are denied based on your rating status, ask to speak to the management and request that they either keep their programs in place for all, or end them for all.

Fair is fair.

Shernie Wilkes

Walla Walla


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