Letters To The Editor - Walsh wrong to support gay marriage


Rep. Maureen Walsh supports HB 2516, concerning legalizing same-sex marriages in Washington state. Nearly two-thirds of the 16th District voters made their intensions absolutely clear when they rejected Referendum 71 in 2009. They did so again when they elected a Republican to represent them in the state Legislature last election.

Furthermore, only one-quarter of 1 percent of Washington citizens have taken advantage of the provisions of R-71 since its inception.

As a constituent, I am outraged that my representative has taken this position as if it were my own or those who elected her to office. Rep. Walsh ran on the Republican platform, which states:

"... Government's responsibility is to uphold and respect traditional institutions, such as marriage between one man and one woman."

Rep. Walsh has completely disregarded the clearly communicated intentions and will of the 16th District constituency. This is a complete betrayal and a fraud perpetrated upon those who elected her to be their voice, and we will not stand for it.

All constituents have the right to be heard on marriage, not just a few dozen politicians and special interest groups.

Many of us have dispatched a letter reminding Rep. Walsh that it is neither her prerogative nor her duty to determine the best interests of the district. That prerogative belongs to the constituency alone, not the public servant.

The letter also states that if same-sex marriage prevails with aid from her, that I and other constituents will work to see that she is replaced with a representative who will honor the peoples' wishes.

We are first and foremost Americans. We have inherited both rights and responsibilities given us by God and the Founding Fathers of our nation. We have continually acknowledged a sovereign God who has blessed us with our liberties.

We have established and ordained the government to serve us and to protect and maintain our God-given rights. We have a duty to ensure the government we established does our will and not its own.

We must speak what we know to be right, and we must address what we know to be wrong, the standard for which is the same God we cite in our national Constitution as well as that of Washington state.

Our silence is mistakenly accepted as consent, therefore we cannot, and will not, be silent any longer.

Frank Wachob
Walla Walla


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