Letters To The Editor - Purging Christianity from American culture


America is waging war on marriage. Divorce, cohabitation, unwed pregnancy, pornography and infidelity and most everything on TV reveal our rapidly growing contempt for the marriage covenant. That we are now debating the merits of gay "marriage" further highlights the devastation.

Not long ago, the concept of gay marriage in America was unthinkable. Then it became acceptable in socialist, anti-Christian Europe. How quickly we "evolved."

Homosexuality was normalized, then celebrated, then flaunted. The gay marriage bandwagon formed, then became a steamroller. Emboldened by success, it now arrogantly dismisses all opposition as hateful bigotry and backward religiosity. Predictably, gay marriage has become acceptable to generations of young Americans brought up in secular public schools.

They promise that homosexual marriage legislation will not impact the church or that preaching against government sanctioned sodomy could ever lead to hate crime charges (as in Europe and Canada). But on progressivism's slippery slope, today's exception becomes tomorrow's "loop hole," which must be closed for "fairness" sake.

They said gay unions wouldn't lead to gay marriage. Then it was "everything but marriage." Now they promise gay marriage won't lead to further innovation such as polygamy and polyamory (which are rapidly gaining acceptance in our judge-not, anything-goes culture). Only blind fools and liars would make that argument.

It's not about fairness, equality or rights. Every man and woman has the right and equal choice to marry or not.

Gay marriage is a referendum on marriage itself. Is it a divinely ordained institution? Or merely a government defined arrangement subject to political agendas and social trends? The former cannot be redefined. The latter must continue "evolving" until it encompasses anything and everything, which is moral anarchy.

By co-opting the timeless, divinely ordained institution and subjecting it to the values of pop-culture, government renders it arbitrary and subjective. Nothing could cheapen marriage more.

Supporters claim gay "marriage" doesn't weaken, but strengthens families and society. They also deny that every child is entitled to a father and a mother. Apparently they are wiser than the Creator. Nevertheless, anything that cheapens marriage undermines the strength of the family, as we have known it, with grave consequences for society.

The American war on marriage is part of Humanism's war on God (see Psalm 2). However you package it, gay marriage represents a crowning achievement of our grand experiment in evolutionary secularism and the purging of Christianity from American culture.

Lorne Blackman
Walla Walla


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