Letters To The Editor - Gay weddings worth celebrating


Our state is about to institute a law allowing same-sex couples to marry. Opposition to this change is brewing, and the opponents are fired up.

Certain politicians and pundits repeat the phrase, "I believe marriage is between a man and a woman." Until 1967, many states still had miscegenation laws on the books, and some people said they believed marriage to be between people of the same race.

Fine. Believe what you want and speak your mind. That right is guaranteed here.

But one's belief, however deeply held, cannot constrict the rights of another. Advancements in equal rights in this country have always dragged certain sections of the population along, kicking and screaming, toward a more full and robust freedom for all citizens.

I applaud the work of Gov. Gregoire and the Legislature. When the law passes, I'm sending my tux to the cleaners and buying a new pair of dancing shoes.

I expect there will be some fantastic wedding parties this year, every one of them worth celebrating.

Andy Asmus
Walla Walla


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