Vandals hang up Charter services: phone, cable, Internet


WALLA WALLA -- Charter Communications employees are working to restore telephone service to the area after the company's fiber optic network in Pasco was vandalized this morning, officials said.

Around 10 a.m. today, someone intentionally cut fiber optic cable, disrupting an array of services, including internet, telephone and cable, to members across the region.

The affected services vary across the area, said Charter spokesman Kevin Allen. He said the greatest impact in the Walla Walla area has been to telephone service. As the individual fibers are spliced for repairs residents will see their services restored. All services affected are expected to be restored by 4 p.m. at the latest. But many customers will see improvements before then.

"It's unfortunate when something like this happens," Allen said.

He said crews have been working throughout the day to fix the problem. The Pasco system carries cable television and provides the backbone for telephone and Internet services.

Allen said nothing was taken from the property. He speculated that the vandal may have been in search of copper cable and ran from the site when realizing it was fiber optic.


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