Letters To The Editor - It is about love and understanding


I was born and raised a Catholic, attended St. Patrick Elementary first- to eighth-grade, owned my own Bible and read it cover to cover several times.

I know what the Bible says, I know what God expects from us, and some very prolific men interpreted God's words for us to follow many thousands of years ago, these words don't need anyone's reinterpretation, especially when used to hate and condemn others.

I quit going to church every Sunday in the '70s as I started understanding and seeing the hypocrisy of so many who claim to be the most Christian of Christians. These people are not exclusive to the Catholic Church, I've worked for Mormons who were some very twisted individuals, one was an elder's son who just returned from his mission. He wanted to start a fight with me because, after mentioning I was looking forward to a cold beer after work, and him asking me if that was going to get me closer to God, he didn't appreciate my answer that Catholics drink, and God says judge not.

The opinion writers with their misinterpretations to fit their current agenda, condemning people for behaviors they find appalling, they put down other faiths claiming theirs to be the true faith, they attack Muslims, more so because of 9/11, and fear of the unknown than anything else, they condemn atheists and other non-believers, they condemn and in some cases kill over abortion advocacy.

What the Bible really says and what God expects from us, as He has made this very clear with a few simple phrases many skip past and completely ignore as they change the real teachings of the Bible -- judge not lest ye be judged yourself, love your fellow man, don't worship false gods, and there are more.

Our laws cover the most grievous violations of His words, murder, grand theft, etc. But what your neighbor does past that is his/her business.

If she wants an abortion, she will answer to God in the end, it's not your business period! No religion is better than the others; gay people are people and God's children just as much as you are.

In fact, you who judge and condemn have more to fear than the ones you condemn through hateful opinions and words, you are the ones defying God and His word, making a mockery of His teachings.

It's about love and understanding, it's truly that simple.

Thomas Peacock


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