LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Defend your rights while you still can


Who determines who our next president will be? We do. How? By voting, right?

Sounds simple enough. You have a say in who gets nominated to run against Obama, but only if you choose to use it. My question is, do enough people care enough to voice their opinion?

The Founding Fathers understood that unless we keep our representatives accountable, we will find ourselves enslaved by tyranny. Edmund Burke stated; "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

Do I think Obama is evil? I think he represents people, and that the ideas of the people he represents are evil.

I believe we are on a tipping point in our society, and that if we do not push back the force of government that has been growing so rapidly in the last few years, we will wake up one day to our children starving, and their future slavery. Many of you do not think that will happen, but your refusal to vote guarantees it will.

When government can tax you without your consent (IRS), that is tyranny. When the government can invade your home without warrants held accountable to the law (Patriot Act), that's tyranny. When the government can reduce your wages by manipulating monetary values (The Fed), that's tyranny. The power that the FDA, EPA, IRS the Fed and more have are unprecedented and absolutely un-American. If this power is not eliminated, and we fail to learn what it means to govern ourselves, then we will be forever ruled by oppression!

It is not a Republican who can turn this around, but a man who understands the game and is willing to face these giants of misrepresented power. We cannot afford to elect a fence-rider, a smooth-talking issue flopper or anyone who believes the answer to our problems is bigger government and more legislation.

If we continue to force compliance with the threat of a gun, we will find ourselves to be nothing better than murderous thieves. Is this the America our ancestors fought for? Be Americans. Learn what is happening, make the effort to voice your opinion. March 3 is Washington State Republican Caucus. Defend your rights while you can still do so with paper, and do not have to result to lead.

Contact the Ron Paul for president campaign.

Jacob Lorang



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