LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Politicians more focused on boomers


There's always talk about the differences between the rich and poor, but no one talks about the differences between the baby boomers and young Americans. (This is a generational issue, it's not about any one individual.)

The boomers have unemployment of 6.5 percent compared with the young at 14 percent. In general, boomers have senior positions with the highest pay, best security and best retirement plans.

When politicians talk about Social Security, they talk about securing Social Security for those over 55. One can easily deduce that the young will pay the bill while having to save for their own retirement.

When the boomers grew up as adults they had a strong stock market, strong housing market, strong job market and affordable health care, while the young now are faced with a mediocre stock market, declining housing and job markets and high health-care costs (up 10 percent in 2011 alone).

When the first boomer turned 25, the national debt was half a trillion dollars, now someone 25 has a $15 trillion national debt to deal with.

It's clear the boomers had a robust economic environment for most of their adult lives, but are leaving behind an economic calamity. (It's also clear that the young are not being prepared for the reality they will be facing.)

But I constantly hear about how the country deeply cares about the young. How is it that one generation of Americans can claim they care so much about another generation, when the facts tell a different story?

The young people out there should start asking that question to their teachers. Maybe the teachers can give convincing reasons for the vast differences?

Most likely, they'll just blame the politicians. But remember, the boomers have had political voting power for a long time and in large numbers. There are 75 million of them, more than enough to elect anybody they wanted to (Clinton, Bush, Obama and Romney are all boomers). And it's undeniable, based on the facts above, that boomers voted for politicians who were going to give them the most.

Young people may want to start chattering in their social media groups about starting another political party. The young can continue to vote for the same politicians the boomers do, but they need to understand that the politicians, based on economic results and not their words, seem to be more concerned about the boomers than they are young Americans.

Richard Strozinsky

Walla Walla


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