Letters To The Editor - Comment on wind-power compensation


During spring run-offs, our hydro-electric dams run more water down the system to keep the reservoirs stable, thus producing more energy. With the grids full of power, the wind energy companies find no room for their wind energy and thus have to shut down production and lose money.

The wind energy companies have gone to the Bonneville Power Administration and asked it to compensate for their lost revenue. Bonneville Power is considering doing just that by passing the costs on to its major electric consumers.

You and I both know how that works. We will end up paying the costs through higher prices. BPA is now taking comments until 9 a.m. Feb. 21 regarding this decision. You can find the comment section on the BPA's home page listed under "Get Involved" and "Submit a Public Comment." Look for "Proposed Oversupply Management Protocol."

Rich Eagon
Walla Walla


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