COVER TO COVER - Walla Walla man authors 'What's It Take to Make a Man?'


What's It Take To Make A Man?, $15.95, R.O. Bloch, ISBN:978-1-935764-25-0.

Robert O. "Bob" Bloch founded and is executive director of Save Our Boys USA. His website,, speaks to statistics that prompted him to start the movement.

In a recent year, 132,000 American teens attempted suicide, with boys five times more likely to try than girls, he said.

"Boys are seven times more likely to drop out of school before age 18, and are joining gangs at alarming rates. By any measure, our boys are timed out, disengaged and failing fast. Most have no idea of their obligation, or even their option, to become Men of Character," Bob noted online.

As a result, he wrote the book, "What's It Take To Make A Man?" "For some time, I've been very concerned about how badly boys and young men in this country are failing, and how their failing seems to be connected to failing families as well," he emailed.

Bob was interviewed recently by Devon O'Day and Kim McLean on their nationally syndicated radio show Plain Jane Wisdom.

With a marketing background, Bob traveled roads in the Pacific Northwest for more than 40 years to provide advanced systems to the food industry. He earned his master's degree in human nutrition from Washington State University.

"Along the way, I have had a long public service career, involved with boys and girls in many venues, from Boy Scouts to citywide youth projects, to multi-racial cultural events. Both as a parent and in my community service guise, I've raised and mentored boys and girls for over 40 years. This practical, hands-on experience from so many different vantages makes my insight into parenting and family all the more relevant.

Wife Nancy Morgan-Bloch teaches at an elementary school in the Valley.

"Together, we have watched as her male students have increasingly become disinterested in, unaccountable to, and disinherited from their roles in today's society," Bob added. So about a year ago, he started Save Our Boys USA to address the problem.

"Our effort is to be a clearing house for all the communitywide resource people who have a piece of the effort to get boys back on track.

"We've seen some real interest in this website from users, who actually come to it as a kind of ‘Dear Abby' of the boy raising world.

"While I don't give advice, I do point them to the many blogs that I write which are posted on the website, YouTube and Facebook."

Presently, Bob edits and publish newsletters in the sports field. The publications are distributed in print and electronic format to subscribers in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.

Bob and Nancy have three adult children, Katherine, Mitchell and Kristie, and a grandchild, Xaiden.

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