Letters To The Editor - Let's leave judging to God


Having read numerous letters regarding Rep. Walsh's speech and position on gay marriage, I have mixed feelings regarding these letters. As writers praise her for her position (as a Republican), I have one question in my mind -- had her daughter not come out of the closet, would she still have held this position?

As for comments by Mr. Peterson about the Republican Party holding positions that reasonable people disagree with, he fell short by not including the Democratic Party in that statement. We all hold positions on different issues that others (I'm sure many of them reasonable) disagree -- it does not make that position right or wrong, just one person's opinion.

I do disagree with Mr. Peterson's justification for Rep. Walsh voting the position she did on the gay marriage issue. My opinion has nothing to do with the party position, but rather her constituents' position. My position is based on these few words of Abraham Lincoln, "... Government of the people, by the people and for the people..."

If the voters of Mrs. Walsh's district vote a certain position on any issue in a state, regional or national election, then I feel she is obligated to represent her constituents, regardless of her personal feeling, and vote accordingly when dealing with legislation that is related to that issue -- this is representing your constituents. I know many reasonable people are going to disagree with this, and I can live with that. If we get away from believing in these words of Mr. Lincoln's, then how do "we the people" have a voice in our government?

As for the position on gay marriage, the Bible is very clear on what sin is, and also very clear that we are not to judge, all men will be held accountable before God, as Thomas Peacock said it so well in Friday's U-B.

I will answer to God, and not other Democrats or Republicans (Christians or non-Christians) for the stance I take on any personal or political issue. If we would all live by the two greatest commandments (Love God with all your heart, soul and might, and love your neighbors as you would yourself) and leave the "accountability -- judging" up to God, I think we would find this world a much more pleasant place to live.

David Conklin
College Place


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