Prison worker with two jobs found sleeping during shifts

A whistleblower complain alleged the man often slept while on duty and spent a lot of time online while awake.


State auditors have verified a whistleblower complaint about a mental health counselor at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla. Officials found the man had a second full-time job with the Oregon prison facility in Pendleton, was seen sleeping as much as four hours per shift while on duty, and spent a lot of time online when awake.

The man earned $54,060 a year in Oregon - more than the $46,188 he earned in Washington. Corrections spokesman Chad Lewis said the actions were considered serious and are under investigation.

"We began a just cause investigation into allegations ... It was before we received the whistle blower report," Lewis said. "We'll actually use information from the state Auditor's Office to determine what action to take."

The corrections worker remains on duty. The employee had received a letter of reprimand in February 2011 for "using a personal flash drive to play war games on his state computer," according to the auditor's report.

The report said he also was seen sleeping and at times working on his Oregon job duties while at the Washington penitentiary and on his wife's school district work.


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