LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - ‘Campaigner-in-chief' is concerning


Americans are being deluded into selling their vote for single issues controlled by lobbies that undermine our Constitution and our freedoms. Whether it's "union rights," "women's rights" or "animal rights," the rule of law is trampled by the thuggery and obstruction of justice that was seen in the state house of Wisconsin and on the streets that caused millions of dollars of damage at the expense of every taxpayer.

The same thing happened on Washington state docks and those in Oakland who have destroyed public buildings and historical irreplaceable treasures while chanting, "If it's vacant we can take it!"

Now "women's rights" groups are demanding religious groups' rights be trampled for their cause and that too is too high a price. It's really easy to "compromise" if you have no hard core beliefs in honesty, integrity and are willing to embrace corruption at every level.

My greatest fear is the "campaigner-in-chief" will become so fearful he cannot buy or corrupt the vote count that he takes us to war in the Middle East and declares martial law.

He turns one segment of Americans against another and passes regulations that tie the bonds of American entrepreneurs and guarantees China can steal our produce before we can ever profit from it.

He takes no advice from his Cabinet or the Pentagon and chooses what banks, insurance companies and car companies are winners and losers. Someone who is so arrogant that he views most Americans as lazy, gun-toting Bible carriers who live in fly-over country and are not capable of spending their hard-earned money wisely. He believes in "leading from behind." How much respect has that gotten our country worldwide? A "leader" who votes "present" and listens to no one scares me to death.

Patricia Ross

Walla Walla


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