LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - BMA objective is to achieve balance


The Umatilla County Board of Commissioners conducted a hearing on Feb.13 regarding an application submitted by the WKN Chopin LLC to construct 12 miles of transmission lines from the Lower Dry Creek area to Lincton Mountain.

This hearing resulted in a unanimous decision to sustain the Umatilla County Planning Commission decision to deny the application as presented.

Blue Mountain Alliance participated in the hearing. The objective of BMA is to achieve a balance in the decision-making process; whether it be a balance pertaining to property rights or a balance in making resource issue determinations.

The goal of BMA at the hearing was not to stop the transmission line project but, rather, to provide information that might contribute to a better solution.

The issue simply put, was to decide whether to build 12 miles of transmission line where currently there are no transmission lines or to pursue using one of the three area's existing transmission lines to move the power from the Dry Creek area of Umatilla County to the region's power grid.

With information and testimony provided to the Board of Commissioners, the decision is to follow the policy as is stated in the Umatilla County Comprehensive Plan and utilize existing utility corridors to the extent possible.

BMA supports the decision and was pleased to be able to assist by providing pertinent information to assist the commissioners in coming to a better solution for all of Umatilla County.

Dave Price

Blue Mountain Alliance

Walla Walla


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