LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - College Place should approve school bond


On April 17, the voters of College Place School District will be asked to vote "yes" on a school bond. This bond will provide a new Davis Elementary School, replacing a school that has been nipped, tucked, stitched and bandaged far too many times.

The bond will also update Meadow Brook School to accommodate sixth grade through eighth grade, and will provide funding to enlarge and remodel the existing John Sager Middle School into an emerging high school for about 400 students who now attend high school in Walla Walla.

Our family has many strong ties to the district, and supports it wholeheartedly. My husband's grandfather, Frank, attended and graduated from Valley Chapel School in the district and his uncle and father rode their ponies to that same school through eighth grade. My husband and I attended grade school at Davis and were members of the first seventh-grade class at Sager Middle School. Our two children attended Davis and Sager, and now our grandchildren are attending both schools. My father-in-law and husband both served on the School Board, and my son is a current board member. I was employed as the secretary at the middle school for many years.

Why a high school for College Place? Currently, our high school students are sent to Walla Walla High School, where our district sends approximately $700,000 each year, yet has no representation. It is very important to know that voters of the College Place School District have no voice in any bond scope the Walla Walla School District establishes.

In 2013, it is anticipated that Walla Walla will propose a bond to upgrade its high school. If it passes, College Place will be required to pay their proportioned amount, projected to be between $8 million and $10 million. One way or another, the voters of College Place will be paying for a bond, so let's support our own.

With the support and passing of the College Place bond, we will have our own pre-school through high school we can be proud of, a sense of completion for our community, more participation opportunities for the students, taxation with representation and College Place School District will own the facilities when the bond is paid off.

I urge the voters of our district to become informed and vote "yes" for the upcoming bond. There will be many informational meetings coming up for voters to attend, and no reason for anyone to be uninformed.

Donna Maiden

Walla Walla


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