LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Factories of destruction


I wish the county commissioners and civic leaders had attended the presentation of Jesus' "Sermon on the Mount" at the First Presbyterian Church on Jan. 29. Paul McLain, speaking without notes, would have been good for all to hear.

McLain made the words come alive. The crowds in Jesus' time were amazed at His teaching because He taught as one who had authority, not as their teachers, and not like today's politically correct laws in our public schools.

Our educational system and public swimming pools have become like factories for the destruction of the hearts and minds of our youths. Today's acceptance of exposure of flesh leads to the degeneration of morals that make public swimming pools unacceptable for youths, and also threatens their safety in light of growing sex crimes and human degradation.

Catalogues for swimming apparel have become Hugh Hefner's paradise. The world of nudity made alive in public swimming pools has become more like flesh pots than clean fun. Strings and patches are no defense against young imaginative and active minds in public schools where the paradigm of teaching absolutes has been replaced by man-made laws that are always changing.

This hinders the raising of the fallen moral conscience of the human mind to think clearly in an absolute cosmos in which our society is out of step. That explains the confusion of the mess we are now in. Lacking an unselfish purpose to live for, suicide or prison appear more attractive over hard earned accountability of good citizenship in this fallen world of socialism. We still have liberty to choose freedom: The Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution, and "In God We Trust" engraved on our coins.

We must live passionately for our country's basic principles or condemn ourselves to the slavery and tyranny of big government that becomes our king without a face.

The source of all problems in the world begins in the moral breakdown of our youths in social, political, economic and ideological life. If we cannot understand and live out a moral ideology under obedience to a sovereign God of freedom, we have no answer for all the other evil "isms" that beset us. Will we choose to be guided by God or materialism? There is no neutral ground for mankind to stand without absolute integrity - honesty, purity, unselfishness and love.

Phillip Monfort



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