LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Individuals can help protect salmon


Reference is made to Reed Burkholder's (Boise, Idaho, in U-B Feb. 5) recommendation for removal of Snake and Columbia rivers dams to restore salmon runs.

One of the consequences of this drastic proposal would be the tripling of my neighbors' electric bills, and mine too.

He refers to memories of years ago. I, too, recall about 20 years ago, floating through the rapids of the Salmon River in Idaho. When we camped overnight at a beautiful, pristine site in the canyon, I fished for a little while and caught a pikeminnow, which our guide identified as being a predator of juvenile salmon in their downstream passage to the sea.

I suggest that Reed and other concerned individuals fish for and catch out of season these predators, and enjoy our beautiful rivers.

Walt Sivley

Walla Walla


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