LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Questions linger after yes votes


I voted for both the additional sales tax to provide funds for street repair and also the school levy. However, in return for my "yes" vote I would like to ask/remark on two things that are on my mind:

First, in regard to streets, I sometimes wonder if part of the problem is a lack of expertise by our city maintenance workers.

As an example, Pleasant Street between Fern and School avenues. This street was redone in the not-too-distant past. However, over time, the street has been cut into numerous times, presumably for underground utility work.

When the "trench" has been refilled, it has not been done evenly, resulting in a series of "dips" that jar you as you drive over them. If a relatively "new" street is that bad, I don't have very much faith in future repairs.

Maybe the city should invest in some further training for the street crews. If there is another explanation for this situation, I'd love to hear it.

Secondly, regarding the schools, a recent writer suggested that the Walla Walla School District has never adequately explained the situation with excess funds after the Edison project. I think it seems fair that, in return for a yes vote, the superintendent address this.

If this has already been done, I would appreciate knowing where it can be found.

Bill Huntington

Walla Walla


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