Letters To The Editor - It is time for a new Davis School


Once again, the citizens of College Place are being asked to support College Place Schools with a new bond. The bond would build a new pre-kingergarten through fifth-grade at Davis Elementary School, remodel Meadowbrook to make it a sixth through eighth grades and build/remodel Sager to make it a high school.

Why a new College Place high school? Our Valley is outgrowing the current high school. It is anticipated in 2013 that Walla Walla will propose to upgrade its high school; and if we are paying taxes for a high school anyway, why not support our own high school. We will be paying here or in Walla Walla. It is your choice College Place... where do you want your money going?

I came from a small town where you attended K-12 in one school system with smaller classes and where teachers and students knew each other. I believe with a new high school we would give our kids an identity as they stay in the College Place school system from elementary through high school.

I would encourage you to get all the facts, election information and attend the Citizen's Committee meetings.

And don't you think it is time for a new Davis? I do, and I plan to vote in favor of this bond and would ask everyone reading this to consider voting "yes." I know those who don't have children in the school system may ask, "What benefit do I get from this bond -- an increase of my property taxes?" However, I believe the benefit to you, the taxpayers, is the children of our future are worth it. It's time to build! Our place, College Place!

View the "Our Place, College Place" video at YouTube.com .

Rachel Gallaway
Walla Walla


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