Letters To The Editor - Rep. Maureen Walsh applauded


This is a response to those who question Rep. Maureen Walsh's recent well-publicized statement regarding gay marriage in Washington state.

Some are concerned that she relied on her personal experience rather than on constituents' views on this subject. How about if she had relied on the experiences of my cousin, who is gay? My gay nephew? The young gay man who lived with my family as a foster child and has been in a steady relationship for over 25 years?

How about my co-workers and friends who are gay? My point is that this is a significant minority, and if our representatives aren't working to provide equal opportunities to minorities then they aren't doing their jobs. Any objection to gay marriage based on the Holy Bible is unconstitutional according to the First Amendment of our Constitution.

I applaud Rep. Walsh for supporting not only the civil rights but also the basic human rights of a much-maligned, misunderstood minority.

Heidi Brigham
Walla Walla


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