When: Thursday, 7:30 p.m.

Where: School Library

  • FACILITY NEEDS: Will discuss facility needs and bond options for February 2013. Will summarize the sticky dot chart, and consider contract with Hill International.

  • PERSONNEL: Consider approving the following agreements and contracts: James Greene, athletic director stipend for fourth period "Health;" Cynthia Huesby, senior project advisor; Wayne Dickey, Middle school head football coach and high school head baseball coach; Gary Dorman, high school head softball coach; Tim McKeown, middle school head baseball coach; LeLand Weber, middle school head softball coach, and Scott Plucker, high school assistant softball coach.

  • REPORTS: Hear reports on Gardena Bridge project, 2012-2013 calendar, graduation, senior project, enrollment, maintenance and transportation.

  • BUDGET: Hear report on budget status for January and cash flow. Will consider approving February payroll for $219,625, general fund expenditures for January for $62,033, and ASB expenditures for January for $3,547.

  • BOOK SHARE: Will discuss pages 12-24 in Part 1 of the book "The Secrets of School Board Success."

  • ASB: Consider approving ASB fundraisers and activities.


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