Letters To The Editor - Many helped when car died at intersection


A week ago I picked up my car after it was repaired. About 15 minutes later I arrived at the intersection of Poplar Street and Second Avenue where my car died after a very strong odor of gasoline came into the interior of the car through the heating system.

After unsuccessfully trying to get the car started, I put on my emergency blinkers, put the gear in neutral and got out, intending to try to push my car around the corner into a private parking lot behind the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin building.

A car was just leaving the lot, and seeing my predicament the driver got out to help me. In a matter of seconds other people appeared, including a young girl, and they easily pushed my car off the street.

I went into the establishment that owned the private parking and explained my predicament. The lady at the desk thanked me for letting her know my car was there and assured me it was no problem. As I came out I was trying to think what to do next. I had no cellphone. My son works at the Union-Bulletin, and although he was not there I decided to go into the U-B office and asked if I could use their phone to call the vehicle repair shop. The receptionist and another lady in the office were very kind and accommodating to my request.

After several tries I was able to reach the car repairman, who said he would leave the shop immediately and come to help me. I stood outside on Poplar and noticed a large stain on the road where my car had broken down. When traffic let up I went over and touched the stain and brought my fingers to my nose. It was the strong odor of gasoline. Soon the repairman arrived and before long replaced the gas supply hose that had come off.

I am very grateful that I did not have an engine fire or explosion, for the unnamed Samaritans who came to my rescue and helped me move my car from that tremendously busy intersection and for the car repairman who dropped what he was doing and came to fix my car.

All the help was appreciated

Terry Koch
College Place


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