Letters To The Editor - Maureen Walsh is example for us all


Recently I had been contemplating whether or not it is possible for a legislator to maintain a sense of integrity, conscience and compassion when pulled so strongly by the currents of issues and party politics.

I was pleased and proud to hear Rep. Maureen Walsh, our local legislator, speaking her conscience and standing up for what she believed in.

Listening to her speech to the Legislature reassured me that integrity is still to be found in the halls of Olympia. On the other hand, I was sad and disappointed to read a recent article concerning church involvement in the referendum seeking to have the gay marital rights overturned.

My favorite image of Jesus is the metaphor of him as a shepherd watching over his flock. I believe this Jesus is an example of inclusion and compassion. I doubt if this Jesus would take away the rights of his flock due to race, creed or sexual orientation.

I believe that if there is any question about maintaining the rights of all minorities, the answer is compassion. I appreciate Maureen Walsh for being an example for us all.

Chris Howard
Walla Walla


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