Letters To The Editor - Microchip can save your pet


When a pet dog or cat shows up missing the chances are it has not been stolen! And when a dog or cat is found it has not been dropped off.

I have worked in the field of veterinary medicine for over 12 years and cannot tell you how many ownerless animals have been presented as found, injured or lost. Dogs and cats with no identification.

A simple microchip would reunite pets that would have been presumed stolen or dropped off. I have seen purebreds, mixed breeds, puppies, kittens, the very old and some sick. Dogs and cats that through unknown circumstances have become lost. Just ask your local shelter how many strays are picked up every year.

Walla Walla has several places a person can check to find a missing pet such as the Blue Mountain Humane Society. The local veterinary clinics, police departments, animal control and local newspapers.

The best way to keep your pet safe is with a microchip. Pets that never leave the yard or house are frequently the ones that, when accidently lost, are the most frightened and most likely to run far and get hit by a car. They simply do not know how to protect themselves when on the street.

Dawn Barer
Walla Walla


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