Letters To The Editor - Put those who lie about military service in jail


I must take issue with your editorial on Wednesday: "Lying about military awards is repugnant-but nevertheless protected speech."

It has taken Vietnam veterans more than 40 years to gain some form of acceptance from our peers in the civilian populace. Forty years! We were hammered as being baby killers, murderers, fascists, puppets and worse. We were spit on and rebuked by polite society. Even the VFW wouldn't allow Vietnam veterans to become members. We were turned out at the door.

But once we received that "acceptance" the wannabes and phonies came out of the woodwork. The Department of Defense says there are approximately 2.8 million Vietnam veterans in this country, but 9 million who claim they are.

Every phony takes away from the true vet his sacrifice and service. Every phony makes a mockery of who we were, what we fought for, what we endured and what we lost.

Every phony assaults my love of country and the uniform I wore. Every phony is a stain on the honor of the 58,000-plus who gave their all. Every phony assaults my good name and the good name of the other 2.8 million vets.

These despicable, worthless and lying pieces of waste should be hung by our government for their claims. They should be put up for ridicule and shamed by our judicial system. Or better, they should be made to face me and my vet buddies for an hour alone.

No, being a liar about your military service and your heroics is not protected speech. It is "speech" that should get the person's butt whipped and put in jail.

Al Conetto
Walla Walla


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