LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Bond should be for only Davis School


The cost of the College Place bond for a high school, yes a high school, is back again. The School Board will say it's a bond to cover several schools, but the truth is much of the money will go toward a new high school that was voted down by 60 percent of the voters last time.

The promises are there. New football field with stands, new baseball field, new softball field and new tennis courts. But what is not there after a large increase in property taxes is the operating costs.

Supporters won't mention the large increase in the levy tax that will be needed to run this high school. New books, teachers, administration, clean up, sports equipment and uniforms, music equipment, etc.

Also the top brass of the school district will likely be looking for those pay raises for running a high school district. Of course, I'm sure this is never a thought every time they push this issue.

We want more control over our schools. This seems to always be a continuing theme.

The students, if you really care about them, will have more opportunities for sports and music and other extra courses at Wa-Hi. In the next two months you'll see many letters here from either teachers fighting for a new high school (more jobs, higher pay) or parents who want to be the new Harper Valley PTA. Sorry I always loved that song!

Hopefully the School Board will bring us back a bond next year to rebuild Davis School. There was no need to try to sneak a high school in on the back of real school concerns once again.

John Crane

College Place


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