LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Defeat of Obama is important for nation


The defeat of President Obama in November is the first step in taking back our country.

For the first time in American history we have endured a president who apologizes for our country rather than praising it. The president will bow to Muslim royalty but stomp off when the Arizona governor wants to talk with him about border security.

He will support the Muslim Brotherhood and offer to pay $800 billion for the Arab Spring, but do nothing about the persecution and murders of the Middle East Christians.

He supports courts-martial over atta-boys for our troops and the introduction of women into combat roles. He single-handedly erased NASA and outsourced our space missions to the Soviets.

He has nationalized banks, paid off foreign banks and taken over GM. This is called fascism and is one lockstep away from communism.

We fought wars against the fascists and communists. He is ruling by presidential edict and no one is stopping him. The "Posse Comitatus" Act, which prevents the use of U.S. military against American civilians in the U.S. has been halted. U.S. troops may now be used against American civilians superseding any local authority. He seems to ignore the Constitution he swore to uphold. Obama stated he supports the "occupiers," who are anti-capitalists, atheists and anarchists.

President Obama and his handlers appeared to know he was not constitutionally eligible to be president, but here he is and he is still not eligible. A video of President Obama from Istanbul, Turkey, appears to show him admitting he was born in Kenya. The release of the long form birth certificate after three years raised even more questions.

His school records are sealed. Why? When I was being vetted for a top secret clearance in the Army, if I had told the FBI it could not look at my records, that clearance would not be approved. Or, if I had communist friends or was mentored by a communist I would not have been commissioned an officer in the U.S. Army, but could now be elected President.

The president's department of disinformation has fed us lies or half-truths since before his election. (Most recently, is how government-owned GM really made a profit and also will pay no income taxes for 10 years). He has been living a life of royalty, while failing to improve the economy, increasing the deficit and the price of gas.

Craig Buchanan

Walla Walla


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