LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Obama needs to be impeached


This is just a simple question to our elected officials (senators, representatives, etc.).

You keep saying Obama is going against the Constitution, which he has, by forcing people to buy insurance, pay for other people's abortions and birth control (let them pay for it themselves, if they want it), he is forcing religious groups to go against their beliefs (I am not Catholic, but I will stand behind those who are).

Obama goes around and stomps on the Constitution, he breaks the law, and I hear senators, representatives, say, "oh this is wrong it's against the law." Well, how come none of them have started an impeachment process? What are they afraid of?

Obama complains he can't force Congress To implement his agenda. He blames the Founding Fathers.

Is he really President of the United States? I think he believes he is King Obama or dictator Obama.

How badly does he need to be voted out of office and how badly does Congress need to get you-know-what and impeach this man?

Barbara Dickerson



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