LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Religion of candidates should not matter


While visiting in Walla Walla recently I was discussing politics and the upcoming presidential campaign. In the 1960 election, John F. Kennedy, who was a Catholic, was elected but there was much concern over how the Catholic Church might adversely affect his presidency. As it turns out - it did not have an adverse affect.

Now my question is: Given the current political controversy being spewed by various candidates and the general population regarding a person's religious beliefs and practices, what kind of influence do people think the Mormon Church would have on some current candidates?

What is their perception of a Mormon? Do they have facts to back up this opinion or are they listening to someone whose prejudice against Mormons causes them to repeat things they really know nothing about?

Do people even take time to know a Mormon personally? It appears that a lot of people are judging Mitt Romney on his Mormon faith, which makes him the person he is, but has nothing to do with his being able to lead the United States.

Unlike some of the other Republican candidates, Mitt Romney doesn't get riled up and loud over an issue but instead takes time to calmly analyze the situation. This does not make him a pushover who is incapable of leadership. In fact, it does the very opposite.

He is a moral, upstanding citizen of the U.S. and would certainly lead this country in the way defined by our United States Constitution! Something to think about in my opinion.

And, no, I am not a Mormon!

Ella Ingram



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