Letters To The Editor - A library without borders


Language by alphabet executed via cell phones. Really? The printed word reigns supreme. Gathered, preserved, cataloged and shared by libraries around the world.

From cave drawings and rock carvings. Gestures and sounds evolving into language first printed on large grass leaves. Now we have man-made paper and electronic transmissions.

Libraries were created out of our need to communicate, to bring us together, entertain and educate us as family and community.

Our improved lives made possible by research, development, manufacturing capabilities, electricity, mathematics, the list goes on. All made possible by the fundamental foundation work done by libraries.

Does the job they do earn them the wage they are paid? Libraries give us a means to share our ideas and achieve knowledge. Appreciation comes to light when the electricity goes off.

At times our ways old and new of doing things turn out to not be such a good idea after all.

Libraries, gatherers, preservers and sharers of ideas and knowledge are fundamental to our creatures of comfort lifestyles. Like mirrors and windows, libraries help us see the problem, let us define where we're at and where we need to go and help us find the way to get there.

Libraries broaden our brain horizon, change our perspective of life helping us to think our way through problems and solutions.

First and foremost each and everyone of us, person, town or library are all Walla Walla County residents.

What's not to like about the advantages of going into whichever library of choice and accessing cataloged information held by the other members?

The whole intent and purpose of the Wal-Net Consortium is this strong collaborative effort to build with as little duplication as possible. Our dollars can buy greater variety instead.

Cutting off Wal-Net resources dims library lights. Lessons leaned from Berlin Wall Germany divided. We are arriving, checkpoints, present ID for admission. Not good.

Whether we appreciate the shared benefits of roads, bridges and libraries or not we all benefit because of their existence. The best practice to sustain their existence is arriving at a means of each of us paying our fair share of taxes to be wisely spent by our public servants.

Logically our best practice is to pool our dollars countywide with the transition into the Walla Walla County Libraries Taxing District. No rural, no city, no borders.

Jean Dolling
Walla Walla


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