What: Renovations at the historic Whiteside Building, 51 E. Main St., Walla Walla, owned by Ron and Dana Dunning

Timeline: Work started in September and Ron Dunning estimates it will be done in May or June, probably in three phases. The first phase includes the stairways and elevator. The second phase is the retail on the main floor and third will be finishing the living space on the upper floors.

Details: "Part of it is going to be retail," Ron Dunning said. "Part of it will be apartments -- the upper floors." The first priority was to address stability issues and reconstructing. "... It was built in 1890; it's lasted 120 years. We want to get it ready for another 120 years," he said.

Dana Dunning said colors were picked from the Walla Walla historical palette, including cream beige, with accent colors of a brown tone, khaki on the columns and red around the windows. The paint was mixed with the stucco so it would never need to be repainted.

"We also put up the wrought iron on the top. We embellished, too," she said.

Contractor: Terry Brown Construction. Architect is USKH Inc.


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