Company recalls cakes because of plastic chips


Rich Products Corporation recalled its quarter-sheet "Vanilla Flavored Pre-Soaked Sponge Cake Artificially Flavored," product code 00405 on Thursday because small plastic fragments from the packaging were found on top of the product. The size of the fragments are less than an inch long, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Rich Products Corporation has not received any reports of injuries connected with this product and has issued this voluntary recall as a precautionary measure.

The cake is produced by Rich's in Mexico and imported into the U.S. Product produced after July 10 is affected, company officials said.

The sheet cake is not packaged for retail distribution and is sold by the case primarily to in-store bakeries nationwide. There also have been some sales to foodservice customers. Rich's has notified all of its distributors and customers who have received the product in question, and has directed them to remove and destroy the affected product. All other affected product under Rich's control has been quarantined and will be destroyed.

Upon investigation, the company discovered the problem was caused by an unannounced change in the resin used by the supplier of the plastic packaging. The company is working closely with the supplier to ensure that all defective packaging is removed from distribution and monitoring systems are in place.

For more information call 800-356-7094.


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