On The Agenda - Port of Walla Walla


When: Thursday, 7 p.m., after a 6 p.m. work session.

Where: Both sessions at Port's administrative office, 310 A St.

  • oath of office: Commissioner Mike Fredrickson will be sworn in for another six-year term.

  • burbank wastewater treatment: Consider approval of a sewer wastewater treatment agreement with the city of Pasco. The city would provide sewer service for the Port's Burbank Business Park through a pipeline to be installed under the Snake River.

  • small business center: Discussion the temporary placement of the new Walla Walla Small Business Center in a spare office at the Port's building.

  • managing authority: Review and vote on a managing authority resolution that outlines the executive director's authority to make certain acquisitions, enter into certain contracts and make purchases within a designated amount without a vote of the commissioners.

  • governmental affairs contract: Consider a contract with lobbyist Dave Mastin, a former state Rep., for the 2012 legislative session. Also consider entering into a federal government affairs contract with Ball Janik, LLP.

  • committee assignments and Trade shows: Determine committees on which commissioners will serve. Review the 2012 trade show calendar.

  • corporation annual meeting: Convene the annual Port of Walla Walla Corporation meeting at 7:30 p.m. for the election of officers.

  • USDA farm programs: Consider a resolution that will authorize the executive director and/or airport manager to enter into USDA farm programs.

  • lease proposal: Discuss a lease proposal from Mission Mountain Helicopters.

  • correspondence reports: Review leases entered into by administrative staff, 2012 cash balances for the Port and airport, year-end 2011 income and expense statements, the calendar of events and miscellaneous project updates.


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