Members of the council are Eric Pickard, LaVerne Mitchell, John Shafer, Deborah Hayward and Carol Speed. Mayor is Charles Vickery. With Speed absent Thursday the council:

  • SCHOOL: Athena-Weston Middle School teachers Colleen Bennett, Amber Doramus and student Justin Humble demonstrated how the school is using iPads for different education activities. The iPads were purchased with a $200,000 grant through the Ed Tech Program of the US Department of Education.

  • BALLPARK: Reviewed the maintenance plan for the Athena Memorial Ballpark with representatives of the Triangle Little league. Also discussed water availability for irrigation.

  • SUNSET HOUSING: Approved request of donation of a parcel of land adjacent to the existing Sunset Housing to allow completion of four more senior housing units. Vote was 3-1 with Pickard opposed.

  • HISTORIC PRESERVATION: Adopted a historic preservation ordinance, which allows the city to apply for historical grants. Unanimous.

  • FRANCHISE: Renewed solid waste collection franchise with Humbert Refuse Recycling, Inc. Unanimous.

  • SEWER: Passed resolutions related to sewer revenue bond and establishing 2012 sewer rates. Unanimous for both.

  • WELL: Approved by consensus submission of well permits to the state of Oregon.

  • LIBRARY: Learned from librarian Carrie Bremer that she has selected "Groovers Kids' Club" as the summer reading program.

  • LICENSE: Approved business license for R R Motorsports. The business will sell motorsports parts and apparel. Unanimous.

  • AWERE: Reappointed David Lynde to the Athena Weston Education and Resource Enhancement board. Unanimous.


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