Letters To The Editor - Levy funds vital for bountiful harvest


The yard signs are blooming, and we have the opportunity to tend to our most valuable crop, our children. The school replacement levy is coming to a vote on Feb. 14.

These dollars are vital to each and every school day for thousands of students. Walla Walla is an agricultural community, and people know the meaning of planting a crop now and nurturing it until it sprouts forth with a bountiful harvest.

Our schools and our students are the same way. Voting "yes" is the water that is added to every crop, a needed commodity for a stronger future. Without water some plants may grow, but they will likely be stunted and not very strong.

The upcoming vote is for a replacement levy -- which does not add to our taxes, just recommits what we have supported in the past. The total amount is 20 percent of the school budget and that is a significant amount. No doubt it is a real impact on everyday life, for getting to school, while at school, and throughout our town.

I will vote "yes" and urge others to do so as well, for the levy stands to allow students to experience a more diverse education. The levy reaches out and impacts a student from a non-musical family who has a chance to play the flute in band and to experience the richness and involvement of a supportive musical community in every grade.

The funding means the chance to play sports whether that be tennis in middle school or swimming in high school. It means, teachers will be there to better assist students in many ways to grow stronger and more equipped for a demanding future. The levy funds mean our community, as a whole may remain strong and vibrant.

Don't miss an opportunity to make a positive difference in so many lives.

So whether you have kids taking the bus each day, or grandkids in another state, or you just think back to your own school days, remember that what was learned at school came from a myriad of different opportunities and interactions -- classroom, ball fields, art studios, bus drivers.

Please join with me and vote "yes" on the Feb. 14 school levy and may we be rewarded with a bountiful crop for the future.

Holly T. Howard
Walla Walla


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