LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Flag article was unnecessary


Well the newspapers have done it again!

The right of free speech - "5 myths about the American flag."

We have gangs and other people who have nothing to believe in, so take the flag away by this article.

Soldiers die for it - Americans are proud of it, children learn about it, classes on citizenship study it, and now, because Marc Leepson (for The Washington Post) stayed up all night with nothing to do - thought why not desecrate the flag.

So when an armed force personnel dies (Rob Carter-example) and all before him, all in the armed forces now protecting our country and families who receive an American flag, what does it mean now!

Any other country is proud of its flag - now others know we're not supposed to?

That article helps "The Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade," and any other group that disbelieves, have ammunition to protest our faith.

Your paper has the right of free speech and you have the right to pick what you print in each newspaper.

So since there's nothing good to print - your paper picks this.

So justify Marc Leepson's article (your pick) to the police department, fire department, vets and soldiers and their families.

Who needed this common knowledge Mr. Leepson stayed up to print.

I am a veteran who fought for your rights.

Robert Fastenow

Walla Walla


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