LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - When are taxes raised and cut?


I enjoyed the gentleman's letter about defining road signs. Well I would like to extend that to some of the propaganda that comes in my mailbox or is sometimes written in the U-B.

What is a tax a cut and when is it an increase? Now, if this tax was instituted in 2008 it was an increased for four years and it expires will it be a tax cut? When that same tax is voted on and instituted again, will it be a tax increase?

So we pay multiple taxes for education and the upkeep of the buildings for the usage of these teachings that are not really on a grade-A level. So now we are to contribute another $10 million a year over a four-year period of time on outside functions for students who are not even making good grades in school.

Now if this money was to go into education I might not be so adamant about this play on words about it not being a tax increase. Obviously being a senior, I have raised my children and it cost a pretty penny to have them educated not worrying about outside activities for them.

If parents would like their children to participate in these events the should get out their wallets as I did when I put my children in extracurricular activities.

So definition would be a tax cut right before you get another tax increase? You remember the ol' cliche of "I voted for it right before I voted against it?

Now for the sales tax increase to rebuild the failing streets of Walla Walla! If these elected officials would give some thought to lowering the sales tax, and (everyone) shopping in this county is paying sales tax, they will find a lot more money than just raising the tax for local citizens only.

These business don't care who pays a sales tax because they still are profiting from sale of the merchandise. The higher the sales tax goes and the lower the gas prices come down the more citizens will be traveling elsewhere to shop with none or lower sales tax revenues.

I'm just amazed at the amount of money that is wasted in this state and the only solution these elected officials can come up with (as I have stated in the past) is raise taxes again!

Myron Wallmow

Walla Walla


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