LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Levy money spent in community


On Feb. 14 I urge voters to send a valentine to the children of Walla Walla and vote "yes" on the school replacement levy.

The levy provides so much enrichment for our students and if it were to disappear we would really be selling the future our children in the school district short.

The levy pays for library staff and health clinicians, funds training and buys materials! The Levy funds all extracurricular activities such as music, sports, drama and the FFA!

This is not some sort of extra-educational fluff funded by taxpayers. Instead, it contributes greatly to the building blocks of our public educational system and to creating well-rounded citizens.

And think of this: the replacement levy goes primarily to salaries and that money is spent primarily locally. Now that's a sweetheart deal.

Denise Slattery

Walla Walla


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