PANORAMA - Found in Passing



LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL: A tiny, push-pinned note that reads, "Life is Beautiful." waits to be noticed on the trunk of a growing tree outside Whitman College's Reid Campus Center.


A LOCKED MYSTERY: A worn key sits ownerless, carefully placed atop a metal railing outside the Red Monkey.


TRASH & TREASURE: A creative sculpture on Chestnut St.


DINOSAURS NEXT LEFT: A small, foam dinosaur sticker peers out on Second Avenue near the tip of an arrow on a local road sign, directing visitors to downtown Main Street destinations.


JELLY EGGS: Jelly beans rest in a sculpture nest.

That street corner you round everyday. The public art you pass that's been there for years. Buildings and signs you've seen so many times you can read them seemingly without even a glance. There's comfort in the familiar.

Our town, our neighborhood and our home. All things so seemingly common to our everyday lives that we feel as if we know them like the back of our hands. But, how well do any of us really know the backs of our hands?

(No, you're not the only one looking at the back of your hands now. Hey, is that a new freckle?)

We live a life of movement. Change happens. Then it changes again.

Today the light falls a little differently than yesterday. Tomorrow it will be different once again. Something catches our eye.

We stop.

Something tells us to take a second look. Change has happened and, at least this time, the subtleties of life, so commonly passing in the periphery, come to the forefront.

Closer inspection reveals that the same street corner, piece of sculpture, or the buildings and signs we pass everyday hold something unexpected. What was once known and comfortable has changed.

Someone's stirred the pot, rearranged things and left signs of life. Signs of change. A kind of treat for those up for the experience of a new perspective.

Take a moment to stop and smell the roses, read the signs and appreciate the everyday, every moment changes that enrich when the nuance that is life interweaves with the familiar.


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