LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Future of our children is valuable


Having lived for more than 20 years in this community, 10 as superintendent of the Walla Walla Public Schools, I have experienced a community that truly cares about its children. This makes me proud.

Every four years it is necessary for the school district to ask the community, by means of a special levy, to support approximately 20 percent of the annual budget. This is not a new tax. The proposed levy is a replacement for the voter-approved 2008 levy that expires in December 2012.

Approval of the levy on Feb. 14 will continue the tradition of generous support for schools, which has been a hallmark of this community for decades.

The levy helps maintain student programs not paid for by state and federal funds. It is vital to providing a complete education for all students in the district, preschool through high school graduation. Many of these programs reflect deeply embedded values of our community such as libraries, health care, music and physical education.

Levy funds pay for library staff and health clinicians, PE and music specialists and directors and coaches for extra-curricular activities (music, sports, drama and FFA).

In difficult economic times we must prioritize our values. The future of our children in this community is very valuable and important to all of us. Please join me in supporting the school levy and voting "yes" for the children of Walla Walla!

Ellen L. Wolf

Walla Walla


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